I'm a photographer and retoucher inspired by movement, colors and the oddities.

Clint Earhart has been working professionally as a photographer since the age of 18, starting his business at the age of 17. For some, discovering talent takes time and may not always be a passion. This was not the case for Earhart. He followed his affections for capturing beauty in photographs and quickly discovered he had an innate ability for photography.

Evidence of this is found in his achievement of regional accreditation as an artist before turning 19 years old. Earhart draws inspiration from photographers: Mert & Marcus, Guy Bourdin, Rankin, and Jill Greenberg.

Earhart attended the Art Institute of Colorado for a short period of time, until he decided to branch away and pursue his own path to photography. While there, Earhart was a leader at the Art Institute, creating a new standard for contemporary artistry. Earhart’s work was featured as the cover art for the institution’s handbook. Further, he worked with students at AiC to help them develop other aspects of imaging, such as digital retouching and restoration.

These are skills that Earhart educated himself on, while he had the innate ability and passion to dissect a photograph to determine editing styles, patterns, and techniques in which he created his own style of signature retouching. Earhart sought valuable critiques from industry leaders such as Professor Katrin Eismann, Amy Dresser, Ronald N. Tan, Ryan Wibawa and other masters in digital retouching.

Earhart works with models from agencies such as Donna Baldwin, Maximum Talent and Wilhelmina, leaving his iconic impression on the fashion industry. Earhart has also worked with fashion designers from Denver, CO and Los Angeles.